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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Today has been another good day here at the PICU. It is so delightful to come in each morning and find yet another advancement in Landon's recovery. He has been taken off the "pacer" so his little heart is doing its own thing now. He had his dressings changed and one of the leads to his heart taken out. He has also been weaned off of all of his medication "drips" and is down to tyelenol and morphine for pain. And he has been much more alert- even attempting to smile and talk to me. Quite a bit of his swelling has gone down, so he is starting to look a little more like his normal, handsome self. He did get pretty mad at one point today- I think it was probably pain related- which caused his blood pressure to skyrocket. They still want that to stay pretty low but broadened the range of what is acceptable. He has been staying on the low end of that scale- which is marvelous. His surgeon and cardiologist have been delighted with the progress he has been making. He is eating again- more "snacky" which is expected. He hasn't had a bowel movement yet and his poor tummy looks like he definitely needs to! Hopefully, that will happen some and relieve some of the extra discomfort he is feeling.

It looks like tomorrow may hold removing the two chest drainage tubes, weaning off of oxyegen, and getting rid of a few other lines/tubes...Before we know it we'll be moving out of ICU to a more intermediate care (if there is a room available- otherwise we get to stay here).

Nathan and I ran out to Target to pick up a few things today and have just spent the day chilling out here in Landon's room. It's been nice to get this extra time with him. He did get a text message telling him to be ready to fly out the 15th, so I am especially grateful for this one on one time with him.

Thank you all for continuing to keep us in your prayers- we still have a long road ahead of us and we will be having alot of adjustments in our near future. God's peace and joy have been very present with us and I know that is a direct result of prayer. Thank you!

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