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Friday, March 4, 2011

Boring is good...

Today has been a bit of a boring day...but that is exactly what Landon's doctors ordered. Not a whole lot of changes but a lot of rest and healing. Our little man has had a few more things taken out- he finally has a hand free which makes him so happy! He has been waving it around like he is conducting an orchestra all day and he has his favorite "chew toy" back! He also has gotten his smile back and is becoming QUITE the ladies man! All the nurses are charmed by this sweet bundle of preciousness. We even have nurses from other rooms popping in to talk to him, just to get a smile from him...it makes our day too.

He is pretty much strictly on oral meds now, which also means he is back to his old tricks of slyly spitting them out the minute you think he swallowed them. He has been eating pretty good a few nice big bottles and then some smaller ones as well. Seems like the morphine causes him to be snacky but if it has been awhile since his last dose of that he is HUNGRY!

He is scooching around like crazy, we have to keep postioning him so he doesn't scooch right out of bed. It's almost like a puppy- when you talk to it the dog is so excited that their whole body wiggles...that's Landon- we talk to him and those little arms and legs start going like crazy. He has been pretty comfy all day- didn't need as much morphine as yesterday.

Hopefully tomorrow the chest drains can come out- they were still draining a little bit today so we had to wait. It looks like sometime early next week, we should be headed home- which is scary and thrilling at the same time. Most of his care will be the same but of course, we have to pick him up differently and be careful of his chest. The incision site is looking good- healing very nicely. I have been given the ok for diaper changes- so I am now back on "poop patrol" (coulda lived a few more days without that!) but it is nice to be doing his normal care. I get to feed and change him and have learned how to burp him.

So all in all, its been a pretty quiet day here but we're just following doctor's orders. :)

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