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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Big Girls' Sleep in Big Girl Beds

After waiting three weeks after we arrived here, we finally were able to move into our house. We had to wait yet another three days before our belongings were delivered. I was sooooo ready for our bed after a sucky hotel bed and an air mattress! In the process of the move, a few items were lost...one of which happened to be two of the hooks that are very necessary in order for the crib to be assembled. We had been talking about it and since we couldn't set up the crib, decided to make the leap to the "big girl bed". It has been a super smooth transition- I couldn't be any more delighted! Ariana was so excited for her new bed and this is her first night in it. (This is also before we painted her room and got everything situated in there!)

Stylin' It

Before we left New York, we got to see Grandma Bette and Grandpa Ray one more time. Grandma brought some special gifts for Ariana and this is the little dress modeled by our beautiful girl! I think the sunglasses give the outfit that extra "zing"- we all know it's all about the accessories!!!

My Two Loves

After yet another long day at the hotel for Ariana and I and work for Nathan...

The Beach at St. Augustine

While, visiting Nathans' family in Florida, we fell in love with St. Augustine and spent two of our days there. The beach was wonderful and they had this amazing splash park for little kids to play in- Ariana loved it! We played mini golf- Ariana got her own set of clubs (the little plastic ones!!! I had our shins in mind!) and played with us. After watching what Mommy and Daddy were doing and hitting her little ball around, she finally just picked up her ball, walked over to the hole and dropped it in! It's a lot easier to get a "hole in one" that way! We ate fun food and just completely enjoyed our days out in the beautiful sunshine! The whole visit to Florida was wonderful- very relaxed and refreshing. It was wonderful to finally get to spend some time with Nathans' mom and to meet her new husband!

yes- that is a baby bump already! It's amazing how fast you "pop" with the second one!

Easter- April 2010

Easter was a special day for us this year. Not only was it our first one together as a family, but the day on which we celebrate our new life in Christ- our Risen Savior, we found out that we were welcoming a new, little life into our family!
We actually found out we were pregnant at 1 am...I was planning on taking a test in the morning because I felt like I "felt" pregnant...You are supposed to take those tests first thing in the morning...well, there wasn't a clock in the guest room at Mom's. So when I awoke, after feeling like I had been sleeping a long time and needing to use the bathroom, I decided to take it since it was so close to morning. I was so thrilled to see that little plus sign! I came back to bed and asked Nathan if he was awake- well, I woke him up so he was, but barely coherent. When I told him the news, he was instantly alert and God bless him- my dear, sensitive man- cried with joy as he held me. Needless to say, it was almost impossible to fall back asleep after that. Nathan ended up going downstairs so I could sleep without him tossing and turning next to me and that's how we found out that it was 1 am. Doesn't get more "first thing in the morning" than that! We are overjoyed and expecting this little one to arrive around December 9th.

We got to spend Easter with my parents this year. They were absolutely thrilled to be a part of Ariana's first Easter egg hunt. She LOVED it! Nathan hid the eggs outside in the grass and every time she found an egg she would exclaim, "EGG!" with such delight and wonder! She didn't even know till after she found them all that the "egg'ies" contained goodies! We played find the eggs multiple times afterwards- reminding me of my siblings and I doing exactly the same thing when we were little!

I know these are quite long overdue- but April and May were rather crazy with all the traveling we did and our move here to Texas! Please forgive me!

About Our Family...

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We are a family who was birthed through God's incredible goodness- joining our hearts and lives in a way we call miraculous. Nathan and I were married April 11,2009, which just happened to be one of the most perfect days in our lives. Ariana is our beautiful, two year old daughter, that we thank God for every day. She brings so much joy to our lives and delight to our hearts. Landon joined us six months ago. He was born with a heart defect and had open heart surgery at three months of age. We are so grateful for his speedy healing and this happy, healthy baby boy! We are an Army family- this is Nathans' thirteenth year serving our country. We recently moved across the country and are loving the life God has blessed us with. Our life is simple, but its beautiful to us and I pray that you are blessed by the beauty that we find in it.