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Monday, August 16, 2010

The Verdict Is....

It's a BOY!!!

We had our ultrasound this afternoon and got to see our little Landon Matthew for the first time! Ariana also got to go with us and see the "baby movie." She is very excited to be having a little "brud-der." Our little guy is VERY active and was kicking, stretching and rolling about the whole time. We got some wonderful pictures of his profile, little arms and legs and of course, the important stuff that let us know what name our little baby would be having! Nathan, of course, is thrilled to be having a little man to run around after Daddy!

My mind is going a 100mph...a boy! I was leaning more towards "girl" because the pregnancy has been very similar to Ariana's. The biggest difference that I have noticed is I am craving SWEETS like crazy! So now I am thinking blue and green, what theme to do his baby stuff in, what we'll need for him, what type of baby quilt to make, what type of diaper bag to get...it's just so exciting!

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