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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Our Sunshine!

Our sunshine! I look at this precious, little face each day and am so thankful for this gift of motherhood that God has given me! Her smiling, little face as she runs towards me, her happy voice saying, "ahh-morning!" as she climbs in bed with me, her animated chatter, her silly antics that keep Nathan and I in stitches and entertain all of you, her sweet kisses and hugs...She brings me so much joy and I am thankful that even on the difficult days- there are still moments where her sweetest side shows and makes me love being a mommy all over again!

The little punkin grew an inch over the last two months so we had to get some new clothes for her! I have to say, I love Children's Place and their sales- plus I can always find an online coupon and get additional savings!!! Its been a little tricky to buy a size ahead, since I have no clue about the weather here, so I have been having to get things as they are needed but so far, I have still been able to satisfy this "deal-loving momma's" heart! Nothing like brand-new clothes at garage sale prices!

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