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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Elves

Yesterday, as I was busy downstairs in the kitchen... what did I hear??? But four, tiny feet, giggling and crinkling paper- UPSTAIRS!!!

I grabbed my camera as I headed up there to investigate and sure enough- it was a moment to capture "on film." Ariana had found my last roll of decent wrapping paper (she had already discovered the other rolls I had purchased this year) and the bag of bows, so her and Mona decided to "help" Mommy finish wrapping Daddy's presents. (Sorry, hun, I'm afraid your presents are going to have the special "crinkle-look" we are going for this year!) I could only laugh as I saw the joy each one of them were experiencing as they delightfully unrolled the whole roll of paper and played with ribbons and bows.

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