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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

And so starts the recovery road...

Landon had a very good night! :) We were told to expect some up and down throughout the night- a sort of balancing act of increasing/decreasing medications and such to keep him calm and comfortable. Ronald, our night nurse, only had to adjust things twice! So Landon did excellent and was pretty quiet through out the night.

Nathan and I had a pretty decent nights sleep considering everything that had gone on yesterday and how exhausted we were. I did wake up a few times during the night, but thankfully, I was able to drop right back off. We got up around 8 this morning and we were out the door in about 15 minutes to come see our little man. As we drove around the parking lot, I get this happy feeling inside the closer we get to the entrance for the PICU- I'm gonna see my little boy soon! It is amazing how completely they steal your heart and how empty it feels when they are apart from you. It kills me to be apart from my little girlie right now but I know that this is where I need to be and she is in very good hands. (thanks Grammy!)

When we got here this morning, they had already started weaning him off the "vent" and decreasing some of his medications. We are waiting for him to wake up so they can take the breathing tube out. He keeps wiggling around his bed, especially when we touch or talk to him and he is trying sooo hard to get those eyes open. He has always been a very active, little guy- inside and out of me! He is a bit more swollen (fluid retention) this morning but really not too bad- you only really see it around his eyes. They are starting him on a dieuretic to flush some of that extra fluid from his system before they actually take out the breathing tube. His oxyegen levels have been very good- it is so comforting to hear the nurses report stats to each other and then hear them say, "beautiful"

He is doing excellently and we just praise God for all He has done for us. His hand has been so evident in our little one's life. "Then they will know that your power has done this; they will know that you have done it Lord...I will thank the Lord very much; I will praise Him in front of many people." Psalm 109:27,30 It is so comforting to know the One who created this marvelou,s little person is still holding him and working in his little body.

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