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Monday, April 12, 2010

Another Picaso in the making...

After, seeing the pictures of her little cousins- Gavin and Zane- painting, we decided that Ariana needed to be a little creative genius as well! So off to Walmart, to explore the Crayola aisle and see just what our little artist "needed!"

I am in love with all the "small child" friendly items Crayola now makes- not just because they are all super washable but because of my own love for creativity/art, I am thrilled to share that with her and see her wonder as she opens a new box of crayons, sidewalk chalk or paints... She loves when Nathan or I join her and often if we aren't really paying attention, she'll hand us a crayon and ask for us to color. She has her own special word for it but I am not sure how to translate it in to readable, adult English! She also loves for us to draw her shapes- circles being her special favorite with stars and hearts pulling a close second. She also likes triangles and knows their shape as well, but will only repeat "triangle" after you say it first..."trigangangle..." Which I find absolutely endearing!

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