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Monday, January 11, 2010

Mommy's Little Helper

This is Ariana enjoying her Christmas present from Nana Judy- which was a really big hit- thank you, Nana Judy!!!

Ariana is just now reaching the stage where she wants to "help" me with everything I am doing. Dusting is a favorite chore of hers... it involves this fun, fluffy object on a stick and running around and around the coffee table or banging it against random furniture...Laundry is another one of her favorites. She likes to pull all the clothes out of the basket whether they need to be folded or already have been! I picked up a little laundry basket for her at the Dollar Store that I put a few rag towels in for her to fold while Mommy does the serious stuff. As you can see, the laundry basket is very good for holding an incredibly cute Ariana too!

I've been trying to let her do what she can, even though it takes MUCH longer, because I believe it is so important for her to learn how to be tidy from a young age. She is getting pretty good a putting things away with us after play time is over. I greatly appreciate the training my parents gave me, especially my mom, and hope that I can pass on these life skills to my little ones as well!

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